Bon Mélange is an innovative, full-service catering establishment practicing farm-to-table food enriching the moments in life we wish to celebrate. Using exclusively organic, locally farmed produce. The kitchen at Bon Mélange remains an ever-changing, dynamic place where curiosity reigns and each item is made in house from scratch. Inspired by creating innovative seasonal menus.  Owners Julie and Whitney are active members in the larger community of farmers, artisans and winemakers throughout Southern California who are working together to sustain the integrity of food.


Collaborative on many levels, Bon Mélange and its staff make sure each and every event is an experience defined by inventive menus, impeccable attention to detail and personalized service. Bon Mélange has been a zero-waste company since 2006 and remains committed to composting, recycling and creating menus with seasonal produce and sustainable ingredients.